13/08 - METRO STATION is back!!!!!!

Hey Guys, sorry its been awhile. Most of you know Ive been back out on the road with Miley finishing up the American leg of the BANGERZ tour! It’s been so much fun! Next, South America!!
Anyway, I’m so glad the news finally came out that Trace and Mason are together again and Metro Station is getting ready to hit the road soon! I cannot tell you how excited I am! The first record they did together is still one of my favorite records of ALL time!
It’s rare I like every single song on a record, but I LOVED every song on the first Metro record! I still listen to it constantly! So happy they are putting new music out!
If you haven’t seen the new video that came out today, go check it out on Vevo! It’s sooooo good! Mason and Trace truly have something special when they make music together. Their voices compliment each other so well and their chemistry is incredible!

So happy to be on this journey with them again. Our families have known each other for about 10 years and I love Masons Mom Kathy and her boys so much! Mason is such an incredible singer, songwriter and musician. So happy Trace and Mason are making more music! I for one cannot wait to see them live! Always so much fun!
Blessings, Tish
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Posted by Tish Cyrus in 13/08