13/05 - Birthday

Every year on this day, I feel more blessed than other day of the year because I was adopted by the most beautiful, amazing women I will ever know. I cannot even imagine a life without my Mom. She truly gave me the most incredible life a girl could ever ask for. Her and my amazing Father were the true meaning of loving parents. I think because my Mom couldn’t have kids, and because I was adopted, their entire life was ME. I never remember a dance recital, football game I cheered at, or anything else I ever did that my parents weren’t there front row and center cheering me on. They were also the true meaning of, lead by example. I’ve never, to this day, ever heard a curse word come out of my Mothers mouth, EVER! The most important thing she ever taught me was to, ” Do Unto Others As You Would Have others Do Unto You!” I still live by that today. I wish everyone did.
So, I just wanted to take this moment, on my Birthday, to tell my Mom how much I love and admire her. And also, thank her for dedicating her life to me and loving me beyond anything I could ever imagine!
I love you Mom

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Posted by Tish Cyrus in 13/05