Tish Cyrus is not only one of the top music managers in the business, but a mother of five children in the industry and a wife to a country music star turned television actor. She started learning the ropes of the music industry in the early 90′s when her husband Billy Ray Cyrus shot to the top of charts with a massive hit single, making his mark on both country and pop music history. Tish went from helping direct her husband’s music career to building one for her daughter. Miley Cyrus is a world renowned music artist and actress, managed from day one in both fields by her mother. Although managing Miley has been a full time job, Tish has also become a seasoned movie producer. Her credits include The Last Song, So Undercover, LOL, Miley Cyrus Live At The O2, the Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus 3D Movie, as well as several titles currently in pre-production.

All of Tish’s kids actively work in the industry. Brandi is a musician and signed with Next Models, as well as a TV correspondent working for the likes of Fuse and Spin. Trace has sold million of records with his band Metro Station, and has his own clothing line called Southern Made Hollywood Paid. Braison is a full time film school student with aspirations to one day become a director, and has a modeling contract with Wilhelmina. The youngest, Noah, already has film and TV credits under her belt with aspirations in both music and acting.

Tish is actively involved with several charities including NYCLASS. Her other interests include home decor and interior design, fashion and beauty and spending time her three dogs. Tish is also a fabulous ‘horse show mom’ and spends most of her free time cheering on Noah and Brandi, who regulary compete.